Youth Ministry

We believe that evangelism is good news…a passion not a program! Therefore, we partner with churches and associations to encourage and equip people to bring others to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Here are some ways we can encourage and equip you:

  • Assist your church to strengthen its evangelism ministry and strategy. 
    • FAITH Evangelism Training
    • Inter-Faith Witness Training
    • NET Evangelism
    • CROSS Training
    • The Most Important Thing
    • One-Day Soul Winning Workshops
    • Servant Evangelism Strategies
  • Partner with you in fulfilling the Great Commission. 
    • National Evangelism Initiative – G.P.S. (God’s Plan for Sharing)
    • Across Utah-Idaho Initiative
  • Provide your church with individualized evangelism consultation.
  • Provide statewide evangelism opportunities and events.
    Ski & Share and Sonfest are retreats for youth (seventh-twelfth graders*) to engage them with hundreds of other youth from across Utah and Idaho, to encourage them to share the gospel of Christ as a lifestyle, and to provide a fun, safe experience of acceptance through worship and play to which they can invite their unchurched friends.
    *based on the grade they just completed in the spring
    • Ski & Share (Youth Evangelism)
    • Sonfest (Youth Evangelism)




Jerry Martin, State Missionary for Sharing Christ
Office: 801-572-5350 (ext. 4)