WPIM Mailing Expense Form

WPIM Mailing Expense Form

Wed, January 19, 2011

From:Harkness, Jessie [jharkness@wmu.org]
Sent:Monday, November 22, 2010 2:11 PM
To:Alabama; Alabama AA; Alaska; Alaska Exp; Arizona; Arkansas; Arkansas AA; Arkansas AA1; California; Canada; Colorado; Dakota; Dakota 2; District of Columbia; Florida; Georgia; Hawaii; IL Assistant; Indiana; Iowa; Iowa Steve; Iowa-Exe Dir; Kansas-Nebraska; Kentucky; Louisiana; Parker, Gayla; Maryland-Delaware AA; Michigan; Minnesota-Wisconsin; Mississippi; Missouri AA; Montana; Nevada; Nevada Assistant; New England; New Mexico; New Mexico Min Assist; New York; North Carolina; North Carolina - AA; Northwest; Ohio; Oklahoma; Oklahoma AA; Pennsylvania-South Jersey; Pennsylvania-South Jersey AA; Puerto Rico Virgin Islands; South Carolina; South Carolina AA; South Carolina Exp; Tennessee; Texas; Texas Financial ; Texas SBC; Utah-Idaho; Virginia; Virginia AA; Virginia SBC; West Virginia; West Virginia AA; West Virginia Exp; Wyoming
Subject:WPIM Mailing Expense Form
Attachments:2010 WPIM Expense Reimbursement Form.doc

Attached is the 2010 WPIM Mailing Expense form. The deadline for the form is January 30, 2011. Before returning the form, please make sure it is signed on the line above State WMU Executive Director Approval. The accounting department requires all expense forms be signed. The form may be returned by fax, email attachment, or U. S. Mail.

New York and New England, I have received your form.

Have a very safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.

Jessie B. Harkness
Administrative Assistant
Missions Leader Resource Team
Email: jharkness@wmu.org
(205) 991-4064
Fax: (205) 995-4833