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Week of Prayer for State Missions Offering

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State Missions Offering Emphasis • September 8-15, 2019

This year’s State Missions Offering emphasis, "Strengthening Churches", challenges us to reach and disciple future generations. 

2019's resource links are listed below. Resources are not dated. Many churches promote the offering throughout the month or year. A basic batch of supplies will be mailed to every church and mission in our convention. Additional materials may be ordered from our offices. Give us a call, send an e-mail, or completed the request form below!

We are grateful for your partnership in praying for and giving to the State Missions Offering. As a result of your gifts to the State Missions Offering, the gospel will be multiplied across Idaho and Utah. Please prayerfully partner with us as together we seek to make a direct impact on expanding God’s Kingdom, right here at home!

Read the story of this emphasis.

State Missions Offering 2019

Week of Prayer for International Missions - Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Week of Prayer - December 1-8, 2019

Get all the information you need to promote this important offering in your church. Find out more about Lottie Moon, get the '411' on where and how the offering is used AND get FREE resources!  Check it out!

  • Online Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer resources can be found at
  • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer videos are available for download.

Packets have been sent to Utah-Idaho SBC churches with ordering information for posters, prayer guides, and offering envelopes.

Week of Prayer for North American Missions

Week of Prayer March 3-10, 2019     -----     Easter is Sunday, April 21, 2019

Packets will be mailed in early January to churches and missions throughout Utah and Idaho.  Each one contains one poster, one prayer guide, one offering envelope, and an order form.  As noted on the form, you're welcome to e-mail, phone, or mail your request. 

Remember to check out the Annie Armstrong website to see a variety of items available to help promote the offering in your church!