Partnerships are commitments to ongoing relationships between state conventions, associations or churches and are encouraged for care and service, help and service as needs are made known and resources permit going beyond a mission trip or event. The Partnership Ministry coordinates and facilitates the UISBC-Southern Baptists of Texas partnership through cooperative ministry efforts such as assisting churches who seek mission teams, partnerships or other assistance.  This ministry also encourages and assists joint participation in Kingdom building through development of church-to-church and association-to-association partnerships within our convention.

Are you interested in partnerships? Here are some ways we can help.

  • Provide information, ideas, training, and assistance in establishing church-to-church or association-to-association partnerships
  • Work with you to arrange through the Southern Baptists of Texas partnership for volunteer mission teams and other services.
  • Assist your church or association to send mission teams or provide other services to Texas churches or associations.




Gary McKean, Missions & Partnership Coordinator
Baptist Builders & Campers on Mission
Office: 801-682-6362