One House

One House

Acts 20:20 (NASB)
I [Paul] did not shrink from declaring to you anything that was profitable,
and teaching you publicly and from house to house.

What is the One House campaign?

We are calling on churches to reach their communities with the gospel one house at a time.  Acts 20:20 was Paul’s call to “teach (the gospel) publicly AND from house to house”.  While many of our churches realize their role in the PUBLIC proclamation of the gospel, we miss the part about going HOUSE to HOUSE, one house at a time. Our communities are our mission field and we are being challenged by Paul’s example to take the gospel to our friends and neighbors that need to hear that message.  We must not shy away from that call and carry the gospel from house to house.  We are challenging you to take the gospel to one house a week within the community around your church. Your state convention wants to equip you with tools and resources to help challenge your congregation to look at your communities in simple terms. 

Dream with us what this could look like:  If you were to choose one home a week near the members of your church, then concentrate ministry and care to that home, equipping members to share their faith with those families, your church will share with at least 50 new families per year.  What kind of impact will that make on your community?  How will that change the hearts and attitudes of your members toward the people who live next door to them?  We all know the task before us is great.  The Great Commission is not an easy call, but it is possible.  When Christ said “Go into all the world”, it was to begin in our own backyards and neighborhoods. 

We challenge you to take a look at the resources we are providing to the churches across Utah and Idaho and consider sharing this challenge with your church, whatever way you feel appropriate.  Let us partner with you to reach our Vision 2020 challenge and allow everyone within walking distance of your church to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

One House Magnets

We have provided every church and church plant in UISBC with enough magnets for every worship attender in their ministry.  These magnets will hopefully encourage your members to begin praying for God to use them to bless their neighbors and commit to pray for them to discover and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We have developed bulletin inserts to help communicate how to use the magnets to your members.

Color: One House Bulletin Insert Color.pdf

Grayscale:  One House Bulletin Insert Grayscale.pdf

Resource Links

 More to Life: Engaging through Story

More To Life (available in English or Spanish) is a DVD resource that encourages members to share the DVD with their lost friends and neighbors and helps engage them in spiritual conversations that lead to a clear gospel presentation.  Available as a stand-alone DVD resource, or as a kit with evangelism training and discipleship materials.  More information at

3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide

NAMB has created this simple presentation of the gospel through conversation using three circles that can be drawn on a napkin and point people who are broken without Christ to restoration in a relationship with Him.  More information can be found about this resource at

Coming Fall of 2016

LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life Sunday School Curriculum will have a special emphasis on the Gospel and one on one evangelism.  This resource, used by the majority of SBC churches across the country, will equip Sunday School and Small Group leaders to challenge their class members to discover the power of the gospel to save their lost friends and neighbors.  It will include “One Great Hope”, a simple and easy to memorize gospel presentation.  We will also be promoting the Connect1 evangelism through a Sunday School campaign, in partnership with Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.  More information can be found at connect1.reconnectss.comThe resources created for this campaign, when available, will be provided to our churches and church plants across Utah and Idaho through a link on our website. We are excited to be partnering with this great website developed by Southern Baptist Partners in Collin Baptist Association in Texas (SBTC).  By visiting and signing up at, you will obtain the names and addresses of 100 of your neighbors, broken down into twenty groups of five based on public tax records and census data.  This way, you can pray for five families a day for twenty days.  What would it look like if you were praying for 100 families per month by name every month?   Would it change the way you see your neighborhood?