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Now, more than ever, we need to be engaged in what is going on in today's culture.   To be identified as a Christian in today's world is to be counter culture.  We will provide resources on this page to equip you to better understand how to communicate your position on cultural issues.  We will strive to remain grounded in biblical truth when it comes to taking a position and we will, most likely, align closely with our national partners, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, LifeWay Christian Resources, North American Mission Board, International Mission Board, and The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

From Our Executive Director

We want to update you on several issues we are working on to assist you in ministering to today's culture in a way that stands firm on biblical truth, but is presented with compassion and understanding.  We are seeing a lot of information on the internet and not all of it is correct. Please know that we, your convention missionary staff, stand ready to assist you as you share the gospel with all people. We know we minister in challenging times.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to be a voice of reason and sound theology in the midst of today's challenging culture. 

In Christ,
Rob Lee
Executive Director/Treasurer

Please visit the Missouri Baptist Convention website to order additional copies of What Every Christian Should Know About Same-Sex Attraction.

The Gospel and Same-Sex Marriage


Join top leaders for a night of equipping on same-sex marriage issues to prepare your church for a post-marriage culture in the first major event following the Supreme Court's marriage ruling.

The free simulcast video is available at live.erlc.com

Legal issues: SCOTUS decision on Same Sex Marriage

DRAPER, UT, July 6, 2015-  We want to update you on several issues we are working on to assist you since the SCOTUS ruling on marriage on June 26th. Gary McKean has been handling questions for pastors and church leaders before the ruling and more since the ruling on Friday, June 26. Gary offers a conference to assist churches with legal issues. This conference is available to all of our associations. 

Another great resource is the Ethics & Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. They have several videos and other pieces on their website to help, www.erlc.com. We have linked several of those videos and articles in the links below.

A couple of areas you will want to look at right now are your church’s constitution and church policies. The Southern Baptist Convention lawyers have shared that if your church lists the current Baptist Faith and Message 2000 with article XVIII, describing the family, that you are covered on marriage between one man and one woman. The other area to look at is your building use policy with attention to who is allowed to use the building related to weddings and wedding receptions.

Gary would be happy to discuss with you your current wording and how you may be able to properly align your legal papers with your public position on the biblical definition of marriage.