Disaster Relief

Training Opportunities

Introduction to Disaster Relief and Shower Training
When: March 7, 2020 
Time: See Flyer for Schedule
Where: First Baptist Church, Provo (1144 Columbia Ln., Provo, UT)
Training: Introduction to Disaster Relief, Shower Training
Register by March 5, 2020 with Tiffany Neilson - droffsite[at]uisbc.org,  Russel Hohmann - disaster.relief[at]uisbc.org

For more information and full schedule please download the Training Flyer

Assist your Utah-Idaho Disaster Relief Teams

Our Utah and Idaho Disaster Relief teams are ready and prepared to offer assistance to recent storms in the southeast and for fire-related response in the West.

If you would like to assist your Utah and Idaho Disaster Relief teams as they deploy when called, you can give locally through our website. Your gifts assist teams traveling to and serving in areas affected by disasters.

If you have questions about giving, contact our office at 801-572-5350, ext 7.

Training Events (access the following documents as directed)

Activation for Disaster Relief

Russel Hohmann, Disaster Relief Director
Office: 801-572-5350 (ext. 7)