Cross Cultural & Ethnic

Did you know that Utah and Idaho are home to over 400,000 Hispanic residents?  Did you know that beyond perceptions of local homogeneity, there are over fifty non-English languages spoken in the homes of the residents of Utah?  Did you know that the largest Basque population outside their homeland in Southern Europe is in the Boise-Treasure Valley area of southwestern Idaho?  Did you know that Idaho contains five different Native American Nations?

The UISBC State Missionary staff is assisting thirty-four language and ethnic churches in our convention as they grow, evangelize, and plant new churches in Utah & Idaho's ethnic/language communities.  Resourcing assistance is also provided to area churches and associations as they evangelize and minister to multiple language and ethnic groups in their settings.

Here are some ways we can assist you:

  • Provide assistance to existing language churches as they reach out to their communities.
  • Assist your church to reach language groups in your community or state.
  • Provide resourcing assistance and state consultation to assist your church with demographic studies or people group studies.
  • Provide a supportive network to language churches.

 Native American/Ethnic Harvest


Leonardo Lopez, Hispanic Catalyst
Office: 801-889-9645