Church Health

A healthy church is a growing church. The Church Health Ministry can work with and assist your church to become and remain more effective and balanced in discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, worship, stewardship, ministry and prayer. This is accomplished by means of a trained and certified Church Health Team matched to understand your church. This team will visit your church and provide onsite and ongoing consultation.

We can provide the following to strengthen your church:

  • Establish a trained and certified church health consultation team that will be the best match for your church.
  • Provide and assist your church with comprehensive church health consultations.
  • Provide and assist with analysis and one-on-one personalized assessment of your church and its ministries.
  • Assist your church in developing and implementing plans and strategies resulting from the provided consultation.
  • Provide your church with a One-Day Growth/Sunday School Consultation.



Jason McNair, State Missionary for Strengthening Churches
Office: 801-572-5350 (ext. 5)