52 Sundays


At our annual meeting in October 2016, we voted to increase the percentage of the Cooperative Program gifts we forward to the SBC by one percent, to 27%.  Additionally, for any gifts over our Cooperative Program budgeted needs, we will forward half of the overage to the SBC. Our goal is that, by the end of 2020, we will be forwarding 30% of our Cooperative Program gifts.

As a way of assisting you in promoting the Cooperative Program and missions giving, we have purchased additional resources from the Stewardship Association. These include bulletin inserts; many of which are sets of 4 for an entire month of Sundays. You may order these through the state office. Just call or email office[at]uisbc.org and request the ones you would like to have sent to you. Click the titles to preview material. We have limited quantities available. 

Touchstones: Markers for Measuring Discipleship
 A Faithful Steward
 Answers about the Cooperative Plan
 Be Generous
 Cooperative Program Symbols
 Traction: Living in Sync with God
 Impacting Lives through the Cooperative Program
 Stewards (bulletin insert)
 Symbols of Stewardship
 Tithing (bulletin insert)
 Motivations: Living with Heart
 Impact: Seeking God's Best
 Giving Green through the Cooperative Program

If you have further questions about the Cooperative Program or the 52 Sundays resources, please contact:

Rob Lee, Executive Director/Treasurer
Office: 801-572-5350 (ext. 3)

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