Sharing Christ

Do you know Jesus?  We want everyone to KNOW Him.  If you want to learn more about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, click here.

In Utah and Idaho, we live in one of the most unevangelized regions within North America.  Our priority is for every person to hear the gospel through every believer sharing.  This can be accomplished through praying, engaging, sowing, and harvesting.  Join us as we experience the joy in delivering the gospel to every person in Utah and Idaho by 2020.  Click here to learn more.

Starting Churches

The geographical area of the Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention is experiencing rapid population growth. In the year of 2008, eleven new works were started; the current need is even more critical.  Our prayer is for additional church planters, church plant sponsors, and prayer supporters to understand the context of this region and come alongside us in this great endeavor. We pray that many would respond to the call of God and come to help Utah Idaho Southern Baptists reach the people of our area by the planting of new, healthy, reproducing churches.  Click here to learn more.

Strengthening Churches

In His Great Commission to His church, Jesus has conferred a great responsibility upon us to go and make fully devoted followers of Christ. Our UISBC role is to partner, assist, and help you strengthen your church's equipping process: this will enable all of us to be involved in God's Kingdom process of seeking to disciple even the whole world to transformational faith in our Lord.  Contact us for more information.